Monday, 17 August 2009


This illustrator has a great style of drawing and mainly of punks during the late 70's/ 80's. The body language selection shows the attitude of the characters she chooses and the rough colouring suggests this aswell.


I've grown to really enjoy mugshots, I come across them on the internet from time to time. I think its down to my love for black and white photographs and reading up on crime stories. There is something appealing about the people being caught in the act and wondering what they are thinking at the time of the shots.


I love Egon Schiele along with the rest of the world. The way he draws the body is beautiful and how he captures his subjects at the best moments.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I've been a fan of CONTAINER for the past few years and love everything they produce but I chose this image because of the simplicity of layering images and the tones compliment each other


I like this image because of the balance of neat and messy, the colour selection and the decision of messing out parts of the woman that weren't vital


I really like the quality of this logo, it looks as though its been made by a rubber stamp. The fact that it almost not perfect, appeals to me.


Nan Goldin's images always consist of huge stories and this is a good example. I find this image interesting due to the great amount of mystery behind everything in this shot. The colouring is great and she captured a truly amazing scene using natural light from the windows.

Monday, 10 August 2009


I absolutely love black and white patterns and images, so this image instantly caught my eye. I like it because it displays different ways and effects of using the two colours. Bold, simple, line, patterns etc


I found this image really interesting due the de facing of the people captured in the photograph.
There is something about the technique that makes you wonder who the people are and what their surroundings are like. I gather from all the information given in this photo, it was taken in America during the 50's. I really enjoy images that are from the past.

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